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Grandfather Frost

Every winter, we travel to Kazakhstan with newly knitted warm socks for over 400 children in the  Akkol and Urupinka orphanages and warm woolens for every toddler and baby in the baby house in Schuchinsk.  In addition, we try to buy Christmas gifts for all of the children. The last two years we were able to do this for both orphanages.  The children were so excited!  Now, of course, they are hoping Grandfather Frost will remember them again this year.

This year we once again would like to give each child a Christmas stocking filled with small toys and goodies and a larger gift. In addition, we would like to be able to buy developmental toys for the children in the baby house. Our budget for each child is $15. We also throw parties in each of the orphanages. Parties cost about $2 per child.

Amount needed: $800 for parties for all of the children
Amount needed: $6,000 for Christmas gifts and stockings for all of the children
Amount needed:   $500 for developmental toys for the baby house

Your donation is now tax deductible.

Warm Hugs for Grads

Every year, we help prepare the children who will leave the orphanage for life on their own. Our knitters custom knit a sweater, hat, scarf, mittens and two pairs of socks for each child in his or her favorite colors. We also purchase a warm blanket for each child as well as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, personal hygiene products, an alarm clock, a photo album and one hand and bath towel.  We also have a party to celebrate their completing the 9th grade, a milestone for students in Kazakhstan.  Finally, we give each grad a graduation portfolio with a photo of the grad and a class composite.

Amount needed: $1,410 for warm blankets
Amount needed: $1,175 for soap and other items
Amount needed: $564 for graduation parties
Amount needed: $517 for grad photos

Your donation is now tax deductible.

Siblings Express

When we travel to Urupinka, we are hoping to take with us the siblings of children there who are in Akkol. When we went on the school bus, the visits had to be cut short as the bus was needed back at the orphanage in Akkol. Had we taken taxis, the children could have had a longer visit with their siblings.

Amount needed: $50 for taxis if the school bus is unavailable

Your donation is now tax deductible.

Childhood Memories

On every trip, we give every child one or two photographs of himself. Our dream is to give photos of siblings and friends as well and to also purchase a photo album for each of the children to preserve the precious memories of their childhood.  A nice album that will last costs 500 to 600 tenge which is about $4 each.

Amount needed: $318 for photos (6 per child)
Amount needed: $1600 for albums for all children

Your donation is now tax deductible.

Baby House Project

The baby house director and mamas were very happy to receive the warm woolens our volunteers knit for the babies and toddlers.  Hopefully we can continue to provide these needed items on every trip.

Amount needed: $70 for roundtrip taxi fare from Akkol to Schuchinsk

Your donation is now tax deductible.

General Support Fund

Every trip, there is something for which the orphanage needs funds. We have always been able to have a small slush fund to help with these extra projects. We are hoping this trip will also find us with some extra funds in the event we are called upon to help. Any unused funds will be put towards the Grandfather Frost trip for Christmas gifts for the children.

Amount needed: $1000 for unexpected expenses

Your donation is now tax deductible.

Travel Assistance

Airfare is our biggest expense by far. We travel halfway around the world to the orphanages. If you can help out by purchasing a ticket, donating frequent flyer tickets or donating flight benefit tickets on United, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines or any other airline that flies to Astana, we would be eternally grateful. We also need help with excess baggage fees which can be as much as $1600 per trip if only one volunteer travels. Once we are in Kazakhstan, the taxi from the airport to Akkol is $70 each way.

Amount needed: $1300 per ticket x 2
Amount needed: $420 excess baggage fees
Amount needed: $140 taxi from and to airport

Your donation is now tax deductible.

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