Grandfather Frost Program

Every year on New Yearís Eve (CíNovim Godom), Grandfather Frost visits homes across the former Soviet Republics bringing candy and gifts to children who eagerly await his appearance. For the children in orphanages, however, Grandfather Frost brings only a small box of candy. It seems that gifts for orphans are not in his budget.

During his first Christmas at home, our son asked us why Santa Claus, who was able to deliver toys all over the world, never came to the orphanage. We had no answer. As we purchased gifts for our two children, we thought of the children still at the orphanage.

Children in orphanages are no different from any other children. They feel that excitement that you know only as a child, the hope that Santa (or Grandfather Frost) will bring a toy car, a baby doll, a bike. Yet every year, they receive only a small box of candy. And as the years go by, they lose the hope that Grandfather Frost will remember them. They wonder what they have done to cause Grandfather Frost to turn away.

Every child deserves to feel that thrill of receiving a gift during the holidays and to know that someone cares. Our Grandfather Frost program gives every child in the two Childrenís Homes we sponsor a Christmas stocking filled with small toys and goodies. In addition, each child receives a larger toy from Grandfather Frost. These gifts are given during a special presentation made by our volunteers.

After the children receive their gifts, everyone gathers around the tables in the dining room for a holiday feast of fresh fruits, nuts, cakes, cookies, candy and juice. The children chatter excitedly as they dive into the bounty that is spread before them. And when the party is over, they leave the dining room with their pockets full of fruit and other treats to be enjoyed later.

Buying toys and providing parties for so many children is an expensive undertaking. We cannot do it alone. Would you like to give a child the thrill and excitement of a visit from Grandfather Frost? Help these children know that they are worthy of receiving a gift during the holidays.  Please help us help orphans by making a donation today.

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A bag filled with thank you notes from the children and director.

Some of the beautiful thank you notes from the children