General Support Fund

There are always unexpected expenses and extras needed when running any familyís home. Now multiply that by hundreds of children. Add in the fact that you are not just providing a home, but a school as well. Itís a daunting challenge.

The orphanage is not immune from those unexpected and extra expenses. On a tight budget, sometimes those needs and wants have to go unmet. Sometimes repairs cannot be made and talented children do not get to travel to another city for a competition.

The Motherless Child Foundation has been able, through the years, to step in to help with those expenses and more. We have provided funds to:

  • Renovate a run down bathroom;
  • Buy art supplies for their outstanding art program;
  • Send singing and dancing groups to out of town competitions  (They are consistent winners at these competitions!);
  • Buy materials for costumes for the performance groups and Cí Novim Godom (New Yearís) pageants;
  • Send an outstanding student, one of only five selected from the entire country, to participate in an international forum in Kiev, Ukraine;
  • Buy shoes and clothing;
  • Purchase educational supplies;
  • Buy televisions, DVD players and DVDs for the family groups in the orphanage;
  • Pay for professional individual and composite photos for the graduating class;
  • Provide medical supplies;
  • And much more.

Every trip, we meet with the orphanage directors to ask if there are any needs of the orphanages with which they need help. As you can imagine, there is always something. With your help, we will continue to be able to help when we are asked.

Your donation is now tax deductible.


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The shower in the newly renovated bathroom

Two of our award winning artists with their teacher.

DVD players will help keep the children entertained in the evenings.