Childhood Memories

With digital technology, most children have so many photos of themselves that they have no interest in them. Our children in the orphanages, however, do not have doting parents to capture their every move for posterity. When they get older, they will have no childhood photographs to look back on, nothing to use to compare their own children’s faces to their own as babies, nothing to remember their siblings, friends and caretakers as they go out into the world alone.

The Motherless Child Foundation is changing that.  During every trip, we take photos of all of the children. Between trips, we print them.  Upon our return to Kazakhstan, we visit all of the children and hand out their photos to them. The children love receiving photos of themselves.  They proudly show them off to each other and to their mamas (caretakers).

Photo printing is expensive in the sheer numbers that we produce. We print close to 1000 photos every trip.  If we had the funds, we would print more. Besides giving each child more than only one or two photos on each trip, our dream is to purchase a photo album for each child to keep the photos clean and in good shape for years to come.

Children, especially the young ones, do not understand the need to be careful with these childhood memories. When they are older, they will wish they had taken better care of them. With albums, we could create for each child a chronology of his life since he will not have anyone later in life to ask about his childhood. We can not think of a better gift to give a child - a lifetime of memories and the knowledge that someone loved him enough to record it for him.

Your donation will allow us to continue and expand this program.  Imagine - photos of children with their groups, with their friends, with their siblings, with the grown-ups in their lives - proof that they were more than just another face in the crowd at the orphanage, that they were SOMEBODY, somebody who was loved.

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Everyone wants their photo taken with their photos.

Passing out the photos - they are so eager to get theirs!

Will you help us preserve these precious childhood memories for them?