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The Baby House Project is the newest program of the Motherless Child Foundation. During our December 2010 trip to Kazakhstan, our friend who works with adoptions in Schuchinsk told us that the head doctor of the baby house there asked if we could meet with him. He wanted to know if we could knit for his children.

On a cold day in December, I traveled to Schuchinsk, to meet with the head doctor. Brightly colored murals adorned the walls in the hallway where I waited.  A bulletin board displayed photos of the children and caretakers. And it was cold. Inside the building.

When I met with him, the doctor asked if our group could knit for the babies and toddlers in the baby house. They needed hats, mittens, vests, socks and tights. How many children? Usually about 40 children at any given time. No problem. After knitting large items for the older children, baby items would be fun and quick knits.

Our knitters rose to the challenge.  The online discussion list buzzed with chatter. Does anyone know a good pattern for tights? What’s the difference between 24 months and 2T? How long is the foot of a sock for a 12 month old? Even with knitting for the grads, somehow our amazing knitters were able to create enough baby items to outfit 40 children in the baby house.

Our first trip back to the baby house with hand knits was during the May 2011 trip. The doctor was very please when I presented him with these wonderful gifts, all knit with love for the precious children in his care.  The ladies who came to retrieve the hand knits from his office were thrilled! That talked quietly, ohhing and ahhing as they looked at each piece one by one.

I asked if I could take photos of a few of the children wearing some of our hand knits and was told I could.  The mamas led me from the office to the baby room where they dressed a baby in a pretty pink outfit. One of the mamas happily posed with the baby for a photo.  Other babies were lying in huge cribs built for many. In the toddler room, a boy and girl were chosen to model their new warm woolens. They were very shy as were the other children who looked on. 

Due to inconvenient train schedules, we could not take the train to Schuchinsk. Taking the train requires an overnight stay there. Instead, we traveled by taxi to deliver the hand knits. Our hour drive to Schuchinsk cost us only $70.

Your donation will make it possible for us to continue to deliver hand knits to keep babies and toddlers warm in their cold baby house. I hope you can help us help these motherless children. 

Your donation is now tax deductible.


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Toddlers in the baby house yard.